Film and TV

Some very famous people in the business have described Joe's Vintage Coffee Van as a 'watercooler moment' that can help even the biggest productions. So if you'd like a neutral space where talent, producers and crew can all relax and talk on the level over a cup of the finest coffee, then we could be the perfect fit for you.

What do you, Tom Cruise and the cast of Mission Impossible have in common? You can all enjoy a welcome retreat from the on set hustle and bustle of a major production at Joe's Vintage Coffee Van. That's just one of the movies and commercials we've been privileged to serve in the last couple of years.

A splash of colour for your event with Joe's Vintage Coffee Van

We proved we weren't a flash in the Pan for Hugh Jackman and his cast, kept Guy Richie caffeinated at the round table with King Arthur, and pepped up Meryl Streep in Florence Foster Jenkins. We've even helped Ray Winstone keep his pecker up in Point Blank, to name but a few. We're very friendly, totally reliable and incredibly discreet.

We also have a specialist partner if you need more of a full-on craft service as well as craft coffee. So we can provide home-made cakes, healthy snacks, smoothies, juices and fruit.

A splash of colour for your event with Joe's Vintage Coffee Van