About Us

Joe's Vintage Coffee Van sells delicious coffee and fine tea from a classic French vintage Citroen H van. We also offer a very tasty range of locally homemade cakes and snacks. We would love to potter along to any event you might be planning. We can pep up any festival, party or wedding.

We are also the perfect vehicle for your promotions, whether it's enticing people to your stand with free coffee or dishing out goodie bags from our hatch. Over the last few years we have had the privilege of bringing Joe's Vintage Coffee Van to the movies. Our friendly service and fine brews have offered a warm and cosy retreat to film and TV crews on location.

If you would like to hire Joe's Vintage Coffee Van please

A splash of colour for your event with Joe's Vintage Coffee Van

About me

I've loved coffee since I was a little boy. (Maybe it's my Catalan heritage). And I've always wanted to share my love. I worked as a barista when I was a struggling actor, but after that coffee and me somehow drifted apart. Then one day, I saw an old Citroen H van by the side of the road. It was love at first sight. Together with my dad Maurice, I gradually breathed life back into the old van, and fitted it with a lovely new coffee machine. All it needed was a name. Which is where my son Joe came in.